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Backup Service Rate


Rochester, Indiana

Fulton County REMC
Backup Service Rate Schedule BS



Available to members with peak demand greater than 25 kW that require backup service in the event their primary source of power is interrupted. The customer will be responsible for installing all metering and other special equipment necessary to receive service under this tariff. This tariff is available only by special request and requires approval of the REMC prior to a customer receiving service. This tariff will only be made available to customers that can be provided backup service without disrupting the Cooperative’s ability to provide service to other customers.


Service under this schedule is available only by special permission from the Cooperative. The customer will be required to sign a contract for one year to be eligible to receive service under this schedule. If service is terminated under this agreement, the customer will be responsible for paying the consumer charge and capacity reservation charge for the remainder of the contract period. This contract shall be reviewed and renegotiated at the end of each 12 month period.


Three phase, 60 hertz, at available voltages.


I. Distribution Delivery Charges:
Customer Charge: $25.00 per month

Capacity Reservation Charge: $3.37 per kW of reserved capacity

Wholesale Power Charges:

Demand Charge: $10.60 per kW of purchased power demand

Energy Charge: $0.05560 per net kWh



Reserved Capacity – The level of capacity reserved by the customer subject to approval from Fulton County REMC. If the customer’s actual maximum 15-minute demand requirement exceeds the reserved capacity, the reserved capacity shall be equal to the maximum 15-minute demand. The new reserve capacity shall remain at this level for no less than one year. In addition, the customer must pay Fulton County for the difference in demand retroactive for one year at the rate of $3.37 per kW.
Purchased Power Demand – In the event the customer requests backup service, the purchased power demand each month shall be the customer’s demand coincident with the Wabash Valley Power Association peak. Fulton County will not be responsible for informing the member of a likely peak although every reasonable effort will be made.
Net kWh – The net kWh shall be the net flow of kWh during the month through the customer’s meter. The net kWh will be negative if the customer generates kWh in excess of the amount drawn from the Cooperative’s system. The net kWh shall be applied to the energy charge, fuel adjustment and tracker adjustment applicable during the month.


If the customer has generation capabilities, the Cooperative will provide a capacity credit to the member according to the following formula:

Monthly Generation Credit = ($10.60 * NG) – ($3.37 * WD)

NG, or Net Generation kW - Net kW fed to Cooperative’s system coincident with the monthly Wabash Valley Power Association peak. This value cannot be negative.

WD = Wheeled demand, which is defined is the Net Generation kW above less the Reserved Capacity. In the event that Reserved Capacity is larger than Net Generation kW, the Wheeled Demand shall be zero.


Fuel and tracker adjustments will be charged for energy sales under this tariff. These charges will be at the rate charged during the month the energy sales are made.


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